snakebehindyou21 sent: Claire: *shyly steps out.* "Y-yes, only me though!"


God damn my chest ow

shy chesnaughts are cute

askteamspirit said: There’s a snake in those sheets

But will it hug me |3? That is the question

I want I want! :3 Tight snugglies~

Asker - Askno677

Hey Shay, I found your blog simply ‘cause we’re buddies!  And you linked tumblr a little bit, I decided to make an account, and you were (one of) the first people I followed here!  So.. Yay Shay.  x3

Well thanks x3 <3 I know that much but chehehe, snugglebud :3 I really appreciate that you silly mew you

1 shot that bitch, a friend of mine&#8217;s spear ;D

1 shot that bitch, a friend of mine’s spear ;D

Artist: voice
Track: honkhonk

Axel_loves_this _sound.mp3

axelrd sent: I kept on seeing you pop up on difirent ask blogs I followed! I thought you were very nice and fun and decided to follow you aswell :3

WELL I’M GLAD  I MET YA, you’re cute and awesome >W> And a really good squeezebuddy

askthiefgreninja sent: ((I found you after you followed me and I was interested in seeing what you did and I found some cute art and a cute character who gave good interactions so that's my story.))

(( well I reallly appreciate that a lot! Thank you very much for that, while I followed you because your blog seemed pretty cool and I like greninja x3))